Systems Integration

  • We can do seamless integrations among POS, Gate Operating System, Yard Management, Traffic, OCR, SAP B1, SAP R3, Focus ERP, Weigh bridge Applications, SCADA, and the like.

    One primary struggle companies have had is to integrate their ERP system with their other enterprise systems to meet growing business demands. Enterprises need to find a new way to implement ERP systems that enable them to integrate isolated applications and provide united application architecture.

    In order to regain their lost efficiencies, businesses, more than ever, need to integrate their ERP solutions with their applications to create unified application architecture. iPortman minimizes the risk of these projects by providing a flexible, scalable, and secure integration platform that meets the business needs of today. iPortman can run on-premises and supports a hybrid environment enabling it to connect on-premises ERP systems with a company’s cloud-based applications.

    We are extremely strong with integrations.

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