Yard Management

  • iPortman Yard Management takes care of the major yard management operations. The system has the ability to award the cargo and container transfers to multiple sub-contractors and to match the original task to the finished task.


    • The system configures the user interface to represent the yard layout for multiple yards. It then marks the reefer area in the yard layout separately. Basis that, the system will assign reefer container to reefer area and also capture reefer details like temperature and line status, for the period the container is in the yard
    • The system allows users to allocate or de-allocate yard blocks, perform yard planning, edit position of containers in the block, shift containers from one location to other, and track position of the containers any time.
    • All the equipments and resources used for transferring the stock and container from one location to another can be tracked.
    • Stock adjustments can be made from one yard to another yard within the port for import and export transactions.
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