Transportation Management

  • iPortman Transportation Management supports all modes of operations taking place either through road, rail or inland transport.

    Road Transport

    • Tracks each and every truck movement in a port for import or export
    • In case of imports, the pre-gate process will capture information like the transporter details, the details of the vessel cargo to be loaded on the truck, and the like
    • Based on the pre-gate details, the FRD number is allocated, which will be valid for the entire transaction
    • Once pre-gate formalities are completed, the in-gate operations will begin. This will be based on the vessel cargo that the truck carries and the location or stockyard it needs to be loaded into
    • Then first weight of the truck will be recorded at the yard or the warehouse. The second weight – gross and net weight – will be recorded as the cargo truck moves out of the gate
    • In case of a breakdown or similar issues, the application provides flexibility to cancel a truck, even in the middle of an operation
    • In case of export, a form for inward receipt will be issued at the pre-gate. This receipt will be carried throughout the truck transaction

    Rail Transport

    • Registers all rail movements – including imports and exports.
    • In case of imports, the system captures data like vessel cargoes loaded in each wagon, the contractor’s details, date, time and other details of handling the rake, indent request, railway indent, outward rake call number and rake loading
    • In case of export, the system tracks the exporters’ cargo loaded in each wagon, the contractor’s details, date, time and other details for handling the rake, inward rake movement, inward rake call number and rake unloading

    Inland Transport

    Here is how the system supports inland transportation.

    • Speeds up the flow of cargo between ships and major land transportation networks by creating a robust central distribution point
    • Improves the movement of imports and exports by moving the time-consuming sorting and processing of containers inland, away from congested seaports
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