Terminal Operating System

  • iPortman  Terminal Operating System (TOS) manages the container operations at berth, yard and gate. It includes all kind of containers meant for import, export and trans-shipment operations.


    Salient features

    • iPortman TOS reads and exchanges all kinds of EDI messages. The messages may be related to the vessel, cargo, container, gate or billing – including IFMAN, BMISRM, HANMOV, COPRN, COPRAR, COARRI, CODECO, COPINO, COREOR, COSTOR and the like. There are over 190 industry messages being exchanged between shipping lines, ports, customs and financial institutions. All these messages can be incorporated into the system as a result of the application’s EDI provision.
    • It provides an all-in-one solution for vessel operation, loading or unloading operations, yard operation, gate operations and billing operations.
    • It helps in effective planning – be it related to the vessel, yard, truck, rail or loading or unloading.
    • The system can be integrated with multiple container handling equipments like STS cranes, straddle cranes, conventional quay cranes, mobile harbor cranes, reach-stackers, TTU’s, shuttle carriers, AGV’s, RTG cranes, RMG cranes, OHB cranes and other industry preferred cranes.
    • The mobile application is deployable on rugged hand-held and PDAs, enabling faster and accurate data transfer. Its temporary storage facility helps work in an offline mode too.


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