Port Operating System

  • iPortman Port Operating System (POS) tracks end-to-end operations handling at a seaport.

    The solution facilitates vessel operations, berth and pilotage planning and operation, planning and managing all supplementary services and special services provided by the port.


    • Manages the entire marine operations, including vessel registration, port security, vessel traffic management, flotilla management like tugs, barges, launches etc.
    • Permits cargo from a safety point of view, tracks nomination of the vessels, their arrival and anchorage operation, the related resource planning and utilization.
    • Captures the vessel services and bills the applicable services.
    • Tracks the vessels at anchorage, vessels at berth and expected vessels to port.
    • Tracks sail-out details including marine closure, berthing details, shifting/warping details, un-berthing details, anchorage details and service details.


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