Port Maintenance/Asset Management

  • iPortman-Maintenance/Asset Management captures details about day-to-day inspection, scheduled maintenance, planned shutdown, job card, maintenance history, and the like.



    • The system will help reduce equipment downtime and asset failures, and will also help reduce inventory cost by maintaining the in-time of stock replenishment.
    • Enables mechanics or engineers to study the maintenance history of an asset and help diagnose and fix complicated problems
    • Enables mechanics or engineers to know the parts available in the store and the parts that have to be procured
    • Automatically schedules maintenance activities based on Preventive Maintenance and Scheduled Maintenance
    • Enables job requests to be created for fixing an asset or when an equipment is found to have broken down or faulty
    • Notifies via alert mails the maintenance information to concerned people, especially the head of the division
    • Creates receipt of materials or parts unavailable in the inventory so that they can be procured
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