General Cargo

  • iPortman General Cargo manages all types of cargo operations for both import and export cycles, including billing and invoicing.



    • Handles loading/unloading and lighterage operation for bulk and break bulk projects. Also offers strong support for standard documentation and custom documentation, leading to an effective control and increase in operational productivity.
    • Helps in monitoring and improving berth occupancy, berth utilization, reducing vessels’ turnaround time (TAT), equipment utilization and crew utilization.
    • Manages various licenses awarded to multiple agents for stevedore, diving, bunkering, waste disposal, vessel agent registration, pest control, fire protection, pollution control, and the like.
    • Manages the entire stock yard operations, which includes stockyard planning, cargo lab reports, hazardous cargo handling, stock blending, stock carting operations, cargo blending, stockyard billing and cargo conversion from bulk to break to bulk and vice versa.
    • Helps in monitoring stack utilization, equipment utilization, vacant and occupied properties, gross land/area (GLA) that can be let out, land capacity, and the like.


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