Container Freight Station and Inland Container Depot

  • iPortman Container Freight Station(CFS) & Inland Container Depot(ICD) provides an end-to-end container handling solution.

    Right from processing advance storing orders of containers received from shipping lines to accepting or rejecting the containers on the basis of the storage criteria, it does it all.

    Salient features:

    • Allows normal booking (by quantity) and special booking (by container number)
    • Sends auto-email to customer, in case of rejection of the container
    • Records the in-time in and out-time of the trucks that are either collecting the containers from the yard or sending them to the yard
    • System linked to the gate to capture the entries, exits and other such gate movements. This, in turn, avoids double entry into the system
    • As the containers make their entries, the system matches the storage rate by tracking the original contract via customer code
    • In case there is a shipping pre-alert citing the exit of wrong quantity of containers, the system allows the user to waive off the booking quantity. Here, prior approval may be needed
    • Assigns particular blocks to customers. Any location transfer of containers within the yard is automatically recorded via a handheld device
    • Enables the user to track the number of containers yet to exit out of the gate
    • Provides a graphical interface for container stacking and also allows users to create their own yard map and modify it whenever they feel like. Various color schemes have been provided to make the map more user friendly
    • Handles stuffing and de-stuffing operations and records cargo receipt and delivery
    • Records PTI services for Reefer Container for billing purposes


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