About iPortman

  • Investments in automation solution are critical for the seaports and terminals to improve the performance and profitability.

    As the industry grows, there are many systems being deployed – some of them are standalone, while some are in older technologies with little or no support  and some are locked to the proprietary systems. With growing competition and changing dynamics, the seaports and terminals now require integrated solutions built on open standards, with flexibility to adapt to new requirements from time to time.

    iPortman is a web-based integrated management solution built on open source architecture that meets the growing needs of the seaports and terminals and enable them to gain the control over their complete operations. This scalable solution is developed to address the major functions of marine operations, cargo operations, yard operations, berth planning, container operations, logistics and billing operations.


    iPortman Solution Components


    Benefits of iPortman solutions

    • Significantly reduce manual errors
    • Reduce operational costs
    • Low Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)
    • High Return On Investment(ROI)
    • Reduce operational bottlenecks
    • Improve operational responsiveness
    • Operational priorities can be managed easily
    • Lower implementation and maintenance costs