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    Seaports and terminals are gateways for international trade. With the changing times and needs, ports and terminals have become more dynamic in their offerings to their customers and operators….

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    iPortman web based solutions can be accessed from anywhere – Mobile, Tablet, PDA, Desktop, and can be ported to any technology platform – OS, DB, Reporting Tools. It supports multiple seaports and terminals at multiple locations and also multiple languages….— Read More

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  • Why Envision?

    • Dedicated center of excellence for ports since 7 years.
    • System Integrator with 10+ years of track record providing solutions for large and medium enterprise
    • Our customers include top 2 port conglomerates in UAE, Singapore and overall 14 port customers.
    • Customer base spread across 18 countries (India, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North America regions)
    • Large team of domain and industry experts.
    • Rich R&D team continuously investing time on products and solutions specific to sea port industry.
    • Our port customers have experienced immense satisfaction with iPortman implementation services and its diverse integration touch points.

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  • Key factors while considering automation

    • Functional: Solution should have the ability to capture seamlessly the transactions across various departments, with least amount of data entry.

      Deployable: The solution should be built on open architecture and should be deployable on any hardware, operating system, flexible databases, with least hardware configurations.

      Adaptable: User friendly, with least amount of training, requires least amount of data entry, well-integrated document flow, and configurable control and work flow with required notifications and escalations.

      Auditable: Ability to track the changes, deviations, exceptions, and approvals. Tight control overinterface data with time stamps and audit controls

    • Scalable: Ability to support and perform with optimum response as the operations scale up with more users, more business functions, integrations and analytical reports.

      Integratable: Ability to be integrated with any external applications, databases, EDI, instrumentation SCADA, PLC, Mobile, RFID, bar code. Should support SOA/web services and multiple integrations standards.

      Manageable: Systems should be manageable with least technical competency at the port, and with least administration on a day-to-day basis.

      Affordable: Modular deployment approach – ability to start with minimal functions and then expand to other functions. Can be configured independently, and integrated as and when required.